Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wheaton photographer: Third time is the charm!

In 2009, my journey photographing this family began with the birth of their their first child...and here we are in 2015 celebrating baby #3!  I was so surprised when I got the call that this family had another baby, and I was thrilled that I would get to work with them again.  I have photographed this family numerous times, including each of their kids when they were born and on first birthdays.  They have been incredible to work with!  

Their latest bundle is so sweet!  He is a little peanut, so cute, and has an awesome head of hair!

I can't wait to share all of the photographs with them...but in the mean time here are some sneak peeks.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Geneva Photographer: Sweet Treats for a Sweet Family

I always love photographing at Geneva's adorable The Sugar Path cupcake shop. It has so many great photographic elements: brick walls, beautiful light, and beautifully crafted cupcakes!  
So this family I have known for years and was so excited to get a chance to photograph them.  Their daughters have such a cute relationship!  Both girls have a big age difference and their bond is so strong it was so sweet to witness.  This photo shoot seemed like a celebration of the big changes that are headed their way.  Lauren is heading into her senior year and Riley is headed into her last year of elementary school.  

So enjoy these cute sneak peeks and good luck Riley and Lauren on a big year ahead!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Geneva Photographer: Celebrating a new life together!

This photo shoot was incredible.  I met with Amanda to go over all of our ideas and just loved talking with her and hearing all of her ideas.  She really wanted to a photo shoot that celebrated not only her engagement to Carlos, but celebrated the union of their 2 families, which included Amanda's 2 beautiful daughters and Carlos's one beautiful daughter.  

So here are some of my favorites of this BEAUTIFUL family!  I feel very blessed that I got to spend the afternoon with all of you!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Geneva Photographer: Come One, Come All!

I have a wonderfully big family filled with lots kids, chaos, fun and love.  I am blessed that my family all lives so close to me and at times I take for granted how easy it is to see them!  My kids are best friends with their cousins, and it is amazing.  So when I get the opportunity to photograph an extended family I jump at the chance.  
This family celebrates the 4th of July every year together and travels from Colorado and Ohio to all be together in Illinois.  This year they decided to surprise Grandma with a photo shoot with her 5 hilarious grandkids.  These kids had me laughing the whole time, and you would have thought they were all siblings.  It was so sweet to see all of them playing and running and jumping and giggling with one another.  I loved it!!!  And they are so cute!!!!

So thank you so much Carlson Family for the opportunity and here are some of my favorites!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

St. Charles Photographer: Getting our before the storm...

I am catching up on blog posts today, finally!  Summer has kept me from my computer...but not from my camera!  I have been photographing this family for years and it has become such a nice annual tradition to work with them!  Unfortunately our crazy summer weather got the best of us and we had to reschedule a bunch of times due to rain, but we finally beat an incoming storm with this photo shoot.  

We also made a quick stop for some treats at The Sugar Path in Geneva, IL to celebrate a 1st birthday!  This series of photographs of James eating his birthday cupcake is my favorite!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Downers Grove Photographer: A Growing Family

This is such a wonderful family!  Growing and full of so much energy and love.  I loved that the kids were so excited to explore the spot we picked to take the photographs, and that their mom and dad let them explore :)  So often when I photograph families parent's feel the need for their children to "perform" for my camera, and honestly when children just act like themselves they make for the best photographs.  As a parent, that is how I want to remember my children at this age!  Playing, running, climbing trees, kissing, hugging and loving being a kid.  

The funniest part of the morning was when Colin climbed up this tree in an instant and shocked his mom and dad at his climbing abilities!  It was awesome!  He was one proud kid.  

So enjoy some of my favorites from the morning...

Oak Park Photographer: ...And Baby Makes 3

Nothing is better than seeing friend's welcome their first baby into their life!  My husband and I got the message that Baby Andrew was born and we were so thrilled for Krissy and Steve.  Their lives would never be the same and I was so excited that they get to experience the craziness, happiness, and mystery of parenting!
So I was thrilled to get to photograph Baby Andrew...and pleasantly surprised to show up to their home after that first week out of the hospital and find them so relaxed!  It was pretty darn impressive!  Their family seemed complete and it was great to spend the afternoon with them photographing and hearing all of the newborn stories that make me smile.  

Congratulations Krissy and Steve!  Thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful son!  Here are a few of my favorites :)