Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Quadruplets!!!!

I am a little behind on this post, spring break, Easter...blah blah blah :)
I have so much to say!
So I was truly blessed to have been given the chance to photograph this family. It was incredible. As I am sure everyone would imagine, the chance to photograph a family with quadruplets does not happen all the time!

I walked into the house and it was clean! Organized! And had 4 of everything! 4 swings all lined up, 4 bouncy seats all lined up, and this amazing table with 4 high chairs built into it. Whoa. There were some helpers there to help out with the changing of diapers, dressing, feeding, etc...and it was incredible how calm it was.

Then the fun began...THE PHOTOGRAPHY!

So here they are...

The whole crew...5 boys all under the age of 5. Incredible.

So when I first talked to mom, she said multiple times how she really wanted to capture each of their unique personalities, and you can really see why. At the young age of 6 months each of these little boys has such a different personality. I was amazed!
So here is the lady killer :) Oh my those eyes!!!!

This little guy was my flirt. Oh he giggled and smiled every time he looked at me. He is a little lover.

The adorable little shy-guy! So sweet and shy and oh so such a little man!
He has a little faux-hawk!!!

The pretty boy. He has the most gorgeous skin and breath taking eyes. He has some catching up to do with his brothers in the hair department...but with those eyes, no one is looking at his hair!

And of course...the big brother. SO sweet and not at all camera shy! I could hang out with this guy all day long. He was incredible to work with!

So that is the gang. I really was amazed at the whole experience. Being around all of these beautiful children was amazing. This family is truly blessed. I am sure there are crazy times ahead...but happy, healthy, kids make it oh so worth it.
Thanks so much Michelle for letting me photograph your family :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why Does Custom Photography Cost More?

So I have been wanting to post something about this and finally had the good reason to do so! One of my good friends, who is also a great photographer in Kansas also posted something on this topic! The other night I was at a networking dinner with some local small business owners and we got to talking about photography and the pros and cons of hiring a custom photographer versus going to mall photographer.

All I could compare it to was choosing to fly direct or with a layover when you go on vacation :) Every time my family decides to travel we contemplate saving a couple bucks by taking a layover in some random state while heading to our destination...and once we do it we always say, "WHY DID WE DO THAT...I would have rather paid $500 extra dollars to get there quicker and have a nicer experience." So with that said, the same goes for when you hire a custom photographer. It may be cheaper to wait in line at the mall, but once you wait and wait and wait and the kids are crying, you are sweating, the fun is OVER! The experience is gone and all you are left is with a couple shots and still paying a fair amount for prints of your children that may not really represent who they really are!

So like I said before, I totally understand the need for saving a few bucks...but in the long run, once you decide to hire a photographer, the experience, and the little more you pay is SO WORTH IT!

My friend posted this link as well for more information.

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the warmth in the air. I know I am so excited to get outside and start photographing again!

Happy Spring Break!